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Premium Feature for Branded Apps by Wix




The Mobile Apps Editor from Wix Owner App introduces a whole new way to customize your own Branded app. The Mobile Apps Editor team was tasked to create new customization abilities for users.

This case study presents the process of creating and designing a set of new customizable headers and their settings for Branded Apps by Wix.



Lead by: Or Gertman & Yulia Leder

Developed by: Mendy Edri 

UX Content by: Louise Kolker


Wix provides a great solution for business owners who want to create their own white-label apps. One of the main requests of these users is to have more customization abilities, in order to achieve more personalized and unique looking apps that match their brand. 

An issue that was mentioned over and over was that all Branded apps looked alike, and lacked the ability to differentiate them between other Branded apps. 
Therefore, my goal was to find a solution to provide the users with better customization abilities in order to get in line with industry standards. 


User Flow


Users can select different headers for each root screen. There are 3 templates to choose from, each can be customized by changing the size of the header, background image/color, title and subtitle, custom shortcut icons and more.


3 Header Presets with Unique Customization Features

We created a flow that introduces the user to 3 new header presets, each customizable on its own, with the ability to assign a different header to each root screen.

Thank You!


I hope you enjoyed viewing this project as much as I did creating it :)

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