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Lost Dogs


“Lost dogs” is a Google Maps feature that helps people to look for their lost dog, and gives an easy solution for people who found a lost dog. The feature can match the lost dog, with notices of dogs that were already found by others.



Diana Tatarenko & Ofri Yosef



Tom Bar-Gal



Both me and Ofri own dogs, and we are both members of large groups on Facebook whose whole purpose is to post found or lost dogs. While the intent of these groups is good, we felt there was no organization and order, and a lot of posts were lost in Facebook’s algorithm. We felt that there should be a better solution, a solution that can be applied to an app that is already installed on all of our cellphones.


Why Google Maps?

The decision to choose the Google maps app for this feature was an easy one, because of its popularity, simple navigation, and accessibility to all people around the world.


- People who lost their dog.

- People who found a lost dog.

Our feature helps to easily conact between these two types of users, using advanced technology.

Main Flow

More Screens

"Found a dog" Flow

Promo Video


Try it yourself!


Thank You!


I hope you enjoyed viewing this project as much as I did creating it :)

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