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Final Project - 2021




Dealing with bureaucracy is a very big and daunting part of our daily lives. Messing with forms and waiting in lines for calls is a thing of the past. In my final project; I decided to find a solution to the problem of efficiency in the Israeli bureaucracy. 


This project is a final project that sums up my 4 years of study in the degree of visual communication at WIZO Haifa Academy of Design.


Ronit Izraeli & Batt Dezabeli


Bureaucracy is an integral part of our lives, everyone at some point has to deal with it. The excessive preoccupation with bureaucracy often causes us stress; anxiety and a waste of time and effort.
Dealing with government bodies in Israel as it works today is inefficient and causes us to lose a lot of time and money.


During the research I did, I tried to focus on improving the overall experience of the users in the various procedures they go through in life. An issue that has bothered a lot of people is the inefficiency, and the fact that they have to refill all their details every time.
Therefore, my goal was to find a solution to improve the process of filling out the forms and to create synchronization with government institutions.


User Flow


After the registration process, the app begins with a personal questionnaire in order to get to know the user. Whenever the user fills out a certain detail, the app remembers it and fills it in automatically the next time. The same process is used for files- the user uploads their passport photo once, and the next time the file is uploaded automatically. This feature saves the user a lot of wasted time and effort, and makes it a much simpler and quicker process.

Clean & Minimalist Design

As an app that deals with bureaucratic matters, it was very important that FORMI represents security and reliability. The app is designed in a modern and clean design, with the use of gray, white & black shades as a base for the design, and additional use of colors that act as color coding, in order to differentiate between any bureaucratic procedure.


All bureaucratic procedures; in one place.


FORMI concentrates all the bureaucratic procedures that a person can go through in life, in one app. The main goal of FORMI is to make the whole experience around managing a person's bureaucratic affairs as pleasant and easy as possible.

Promo Video


Try it yourself!


Click on the button below to use the prototype of the app.

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Thank You!


I hope you enjoyed viewing this project as much as I did creating it :)

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