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Browser Plugin Design - 2021




Global warming has made us more aware of our consumption. We decided in this project to focus on one of the main pollutants, the fashion industry. We have created a browser plug-in that helps users to make more sustainable fashion choices.

This project was created as part of an Interactive Design course, at the 4th year of Visual Communications degree at WIZO Haifa Academy of Design. Together with our team we created a browser plugin that is targeted for online fashion consumers.



Diana Tatarenko & Ofri Yosef & Danielle Biran



The fashion industry is among the main causes of environmental pollution, as a result of the use of polluting materials and processes on a huge scale and the exploitation of cheap manpower.

Today, there are platforms that allow consumers to buy sustainable fashion. However, the use of these platforms is inconvenient to use and not sufficiently accessible and efficient. There is no existing platform that combines all the information in one place, and allows the consumer to check and compare specific items they’re looking for, and shop more environmentally friendly alternatives.


User Flow


Easy access to sustainable and ethical fashion brand ratings

Eco-It is a browser plugin that helps the user make more sustainable-fashion choices. While browsing fashion websites, the plugin displays a rating next to each fashion item, indicating how sustainable the product and company are.

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I hope you enjoyed viewing this project as much as I did creating it :)

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